comments from Amar

Certainly, if the case against Osama Bin Ladin was weak, we have to ask ourselves "why then was the US bombing Afghanistan if the evidence was weak?".
Here I will present a report from The Independent's online newspaper criticizing the "evidence" against Osama Bin Ladin and showing that it was baseless:

What the Government's dossier against bin Laden doesn't say and can't say: One thing is missing from the document 'proving' Bin Laden's guilt – the proof

I support the government led by President Bashar al-Assad in the current situation in Syria.

What is happening in this country will cost dearly for the future of the entire Middle East.

While I do not say that this is a war against Islam per se, I certainly do think this is a war against the political form of Islam (which is required according to the Quran) since the political form of Islam with it's different ideology as compared to Western "liberal democracy" might be viewed as un-cooperative and as such as danger to Western leaders’ (and indeed any leaders’) interests, thus