Education is a priority in
Islam for both men and

Unfortunately nowadays in many Islamic countries, people are still cut-off from proper education. For whatever reason – none is actually good enough. That is why we strive to to take children from the street, or encourage people to earn and we supply the means for them to do it.
So: for instance in Pakistan, Afghanistan we establish schools and learning center for the poor. And Allah blesses us and helps us all the way. Here a few impressions:

Brother Amar in the first school we established near to Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan


Kids do not belong in the
Brick factory.

They blong in school at that age, never mind  what
Sort of school.

If yu see these pictures do not forget that we  are paying all out of our own pocket,no donations (unfortunately)

We are also providing medical aid when necessary. Important is for us,  to keep the Ummah strong.