About this site

This site at first glance seems to be anti-American or anti-Western, while it blames certain things on these mentioned entities, it is in no way directed towards the people or majority of people of these nations and places, rather it is directed towards the actual people responsible for these causes of anger, they are the greedy power mongers or political opportunists, etc. So I hope one does not see this site and proclaim that this is another anti-Western hate-site since it is not directed towards the people of the West, (I am Western, a German by the way and live in the West myself).

There are some things on this site which may not seem to have a relevance to Muslim issues per se, some of these links or articles are meant to highlight certain characteristics of certain people or entities, such as the hypocrisy of a President or his (or her) government, mass media, international bodies, etc.

I would greatly appreciate any articles and links dealing with the many nations of Muslim people in which you think is one of the many reasons for Muslim anger, please send your contributions which will be acknowledged to this address: Amar@muslimsolidarity.org (no attachments please, please send as text on email body). The links and articles do not have to be about any of these countries mentioned below, they can be individual/isolated stories pertaining to the on-going war against Islam and its political revival, one example would be a link about the Western leaders and Medias biased terminology. This is our attempt to explain why there is so much anger in the Muslim world against certain Western governments and their allies.

Keep the Ummah strong.