America – an ignorant nation

It is a tragedy of immense proportion when people in America, technically the most advanced country on earth choose ignorance over enlightenment in order to hide behind their fears of self-criticism. They choose not to look in the mirror of their conscience for fearing to see their cowardice existence. They are happy to enjoy their daily melancholy that all is well, and freedom rings. The truth is, all is not well, millions of people worldwide from Afghanistan to the Middle East face death and destruction from America simply for choosing to be different, the very ideal that is supposedly cherished by the proclamations of the constitution of this country.

The simplicity, arrogance and ignorance of the people of this country is so profound and became evident in the recent debate of rename French Fries, Freedom Fries, because the French chose to stand for International Law than murder. Every country is an ally and every individual is freedom lovers as long as they agree with Americans and submit to their desires. Otherwise, they are less important, and better yet, irrelevant.

The majority of the people in this country have been conditioned to believe whatever their government tells them. That is why, the most one hears from an American in times of crisis is we are raising the flag to give support to the cause. What cause? The cause of murdering others, the cause of having a Zionist fascist state of Israel and its cronies control the media and the decision making hierarchy in this country! We feel sorry for the people of this country. Pavlov would be ecstatic to know that an entire nation has adopted conditioning as a mode of existence, a phenomenon he mastered on a dog.

Tragically, when a terrorist attack of some sort occurs, the same people cry out loud, we are civilians we had nothing to do with foreign policy of the United States, we beg to differ. When more than 70% of the people in this country grant approval for crazy hawks to turn the entire Middle East into flames in order to please domestic and foreign Zionists, they become complicit in the crimes of their own government.

When Brett Hume and others in the media disregard civilian casualties in Afghanistan as no news, considering it to be the cost of war, they should not make a big deal of their losses on 911, after all that was proclaimed by the media to be a war as well. Hence, the people, who lost their lives, formed collateral damage, as did those from Afghanistan. Unfortunately, when it comes to the losses on September 11th, Americans cry loud, they were Americans, thus more humans than the 11000 Afghan civilians. Interestingly, they consider 911, the benchmark for any undertaking as if this was the only tragedy that struck humanity. Well, we have news for you arrogant bunch; we get 911 every two years or so. In fact, your government is in the process of committing 911 a hundred folds in Iraq.

In Kabul alone, in the early 1990s, we lost 65,000 civilians with the direct aid of CIA encouraging infighting. In the US night bombing alone, we lost more than 11,000 civilians all over Afghanistan, and are still dying and will be dying for centuries to come from uranium based weapons.

To add insult to injuries to the Afghans, the US heroes were dropping food rations together with massive JDAMs and cluster bombs. Thus, based on the flawed logic of the people here, bragging about their government dropping food rations over Afghanistan, the events of 911 would be more acceptable if the terrorists who flew those airplanes also dropped packs of sausage and salami on the people below before they were killed. That is exactly, what the US government did. It insulted the people there when US-UK air forces dropped cluster bombs followed by food rations on the poor people of Afghanistan.

Incidentally, the war hawks talk about rebuilding Iraq after they destroy it. They want to rebuild Iraq the same way they rebuilt Afghanistan by turning it into a uranium wasteland. In fact, the Zionists and other hawks want the United Nations to shoulder the cost of humanitarian disaster. The US government has not shame they expect this from the same organization that they disregarded and considered it irrelevant. Off course, the government of the United States has no shame it is simply an adjective for those that enjoy living from the blood of others.

The selective ignorance of the people of this country is so profound that according to poll release by CNN, more than 70% of Americans think that if Iraq is attacked the threat of terrorism would be less than if it were not. Wake up America, use your common sense, the more you hit someone, the angrier he becomes and more prone to take revenge. Off course, you will not see columns of people organizing in public to volunteer for terrorism, instead an internal dynamics would accelerate and the world would be facing countless Bin Ladens.

Tragically, Americans are not only ignorant but are also brutal when it comes to their own. The peace activist, Rachel, who was brutally murdered by the Israeli cowards, bulldozed to death after she attempted to prevent Israeli bulldozer from destroying the house of a Palestinian in full view of everyone including the driver of the bulldozer. Still, the people of this country do not care about their own either, perhaps because she was not insuring Israeli security; hence, it was all right for her to be crushed under the chains of Israeli bulldozer.

Since the people of this country claim that it is a democracy, they must act and unseat the criminals that kill people on their name. If they do not bring these criminals to justice, the terrorists will say, “you are as guilty as the government you are supporting”.


Response To America

It is interesting to write this response to many of those that responded to the previous article America- a nation of ignorants. Even though we made frequent references in the article as well as in our communications with many of these characters that contacted us via email, they chose to remain focused on their limited worldview, namely only considering themselves and their country as the center of universe. We do not blame them for viewing their country as the center of universe after all it is their country. It is natural, therefore, to be on the defensive. However, it is noteworthy contrary to people we have met all over the world from Africa to Asia from Australia to Europe and to Latin America, the majority of Americans, based on the number of respondents to my article, chose not to admit the wrong doings of their country.

This sample of people are important because they have access to the Internet, hence, they have an alternative medium of worldwide information at their fingertips. Irrespective of this advantage, which we must assert is quite significant in the age of information and communication, these people disregarded both the magnitude as well as the extent of evidences we referred to. This brings us to question and pose some fundamental questions in regards to human beings and explore our inherent as well as our molded dispositions.

Naturally, every individual has an inherent undeniable self-partiality whether we are talking about property, country, family or people from the same country. Within this domain of self-partiality is a basic human intuitive factor that distinguishes between right and wrong. Certainly, the self-partiality disposition is reinforced both by one’s upbringing and the social medium wherein one resides.

The molded disposition, on the other hand, can be viewed as an artificial cognition. That is, it is susceptible to change with the availability of pertinent information to either confirm or refute the molded behavior or disposition. For example, in the case of the United States crimes, if an American becomes defensive and refuses to accept my allegations about US crimes in Afghanistan, after we provide them with evidence to support my allegations, then he/she would rethink his/her molded or established disposition. Consequently, the provision of evidence and information would have modified their molded or established disposition and would become better human beings.

Unfortunately, based on the overwhelming majority of contacts and repeated exchange of information between those that contacted us, we came to the conclusion that it is entirely useless to dwell on my attempts at their persuasion. Worse yet, those that contacted us had access to the Internet, an alternative medium of exchange and information. If they are so narrow-minded what could we expect from those that have no access to such wealth of information?

Nonetheless, we are going to make a simple straightforward argument with those that are not persuaded, mostly in the format of posing questions, from which we would deduce the actual truth.

Let us start by saying that you feel offended when we called you and your country ignorant, how would you feel if my country and we had turned your country into an uninhabitable uranium wasteland?

I will answer this for you and perhaps you could use your limited minds to understand it.

To have someone country turn into uranium wasteland is the same as death striking one unexpectedly. A woman is afraid to give birth or even to marry because she would be afraid to give birth to a deformed baby resulting from uranium radiation. An expatriate is afraid to return because living there means two things perpetual death for one self and one’s family and generations to come. Foods, water, and mere walk under the shades serve as the elements of life deprivation.

So what does this mean for us? We cannot return to Afghanistan and cannot take my parents to spend their last days in their homeland because of the deadly dangers inherent in the massive amount of uranium used in the US-led bombing. My relatives are becoming sick with dreadful diseases; my countrymen and women are dying from uranium poison and other dreadful contaminants. So, let us see if we can figure this out, you, Americans feel offended because we call your country, the country of ignorants. Would you not mind or would it be all right for someone to poison your neighborhood but not to call you and your country ignorant?

Some accused us of bad-mouthing America? However, we like to ask you, is it more dreadful for someone to bad-mouth you and your country or be the cause of oral tumor in your child’s mouth? We say the latter is more dreadful. That is exactly, what your great country has done to my country and Iraq where children are born with huge tumors protruding out of their mouths. We do not know if you could eat food and think without reference to your molded disposition and suppressed humanity.

Some of you accused us of blowing things out of proportion and were quite angry. Let us reason this out. Would you prefer to be angry or have a mass slaughter in your country? We prefer the former. We wish we in Afghanistan had the luxury of being angry, we would take that any time over the mass slaughter you Americans have imposed on us. Yes, you Americans, it is you who are guilty because you have kept a criminal government in power. Based on the responses we received from large number of you, we do not only blame your government for atrocities and crimes against humanity, my people and we blame you Americans as much as your government.

Incidentally, some questioned our humanity compared to that of the America and its people. We like to answer your doubt by posing a handful of questions:


1. Who killed more than 3 million Vietnamese? America


2. Who nuked inhabitants of Hiroshima and Nagasaki into extinction? America


3. Who has killed over 1 million Iraqi babies by food and medicine deprivation? America


4. Which country’s foreign secretary considers the death of 500,000 babies an acceptable price? America’s.

Lesley Stahl asked former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright during her interview on 60 Minutes in 1996, the following:

"We have heard that a half million children have died. We mean, that's more children than died in Hiroshima. And -- and you know, is the price worth it?"


Albright responded: "I think this is a very hard choice, but the price -- we think the price is worth it."


5. Which country has turned Afghanistan into uranium wasteland and thus, uninhabitable? America


6. Which country has also turned areas of Iraq, Kosovo, Serbia and Bosnia uninhabitable? America


7. Which country conspired to facilitate the invasion of Afghanistan by the former Soviet Union? America did.


The following is a quote from Brzezinski in his interview with Le Nouvel Observateur (France), in which he admitted that their actions induced the Soviets to invade Afghanistan:

“It was July 3, 1979 that President Carter signed the first directive for secret aid to the opponents of the pro-Soviet regime in Kabul. And that very day, we wrote a note to the president in which I [Brzezinski] explained to him that in my opinion this aid was going to induce a Soviet military intervention.”

Then, the reporter asked the following question:

Question: Despite this risk, you were an advocate of this covert action. But perhaps you yourself desired this Soviet entry into war and looked to provoke it?

Brzezinski: “It isn't quite that. We didn't push the Russians to intervene, but we knowingly increased the probability that they would.”

Consequently, 1.5 million of Afghan civilians lost their lives from the Russian bombardments. The country is littered with 20 million mines that has already maimed over one million people. Despite of us being United States allies, we were abandoned. We kept dying and maiming from littered mines.

So, who has better value system, Afghanistan or the US?


8. Which country has murdered more than 30,000 Afghan civilians from bombing and displacement? America


Let us conclude:

Every civilization/nation has a saturation period. Every hyperbola has a peck as well as decline. Every demand has a diminishing return. And, yes, every empire faces its decline from arrogance and ignorance; USSR was an example. No doubt, the US has started its decline by invading Afghanistan.

I have news for you good Americans; you have marked your decline with your irresponsible entrance into the 21st century. Instead of advocating humanity and equity, you brought death and perpetual death upon Afghanistan and Iraq and among upcoming other massacres.

Indeed, the Project for the New American Century got a good start dominating and killing innocents in Afghanistan, Iraq and all over. Do not misunderstand us there are many criminal governments in the world, the Russians for example. However, at this point in history, United States is the one committing mass murder! This nation will decline and collapse, unless its people accepts their collective responsibility for the crimes committed on their names, hence, share collective guilt.

We do not need to apologize to any of you. It is you who must apologize to our people and us. After all, you may have felt offended, but you on the other hand, killed thousands of us and have turned our country into an uninhabitable uranium wasteland, thus, deriving us for generation of the very fundamental God-giving right, the right to live.

Wake Up Americans!